Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ah, Airplane Luxury!

We arrived at the airport with about an hour until we needed to board the airplane! I poked my head into a few magazine shops to try and find some additional reading material for the long flight, but we headed straight for the gate right after!

Right next to the gate was a terminal restaurant named O'Neals! We had to get Chris' picture in front of it, especially since it was actually spelled the right way!

We were fortunate enough to be riding in the front of the plane, which proved to be very comfortable and certainly made the 6.5 hour flight over a little easier!

A glass of champagne, a dinner menu, a pillow and comforter, and some comfy grey socks at our seats were the perfect welcoming items!

Shortly after 9:45 PM we took off for London, dinner was served, and Chris and I eventually fell into watching our respective movies and/or TV shows! I think Chris' evening was filled with old "The Office" episodes and I spent mine watching "Bolt" and "Bedtime Stories!"

At around 9 AM, London time, we arrived, proceeded through customs and made our way to our Hotel to check in!!

More to come!

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